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Shared Custody

Managing two homes (cont.)

  • Remembering the rules - it can be tricky to remember which rule belongs in which house. Writing the main ones down and sticking them on a wall can help you to remember
  • Routines - often if bedtimes, bath time and TV watching routines are similar in both houses, it is easier for kids to move comfortably between both
  • Missing the parent you aren't with - some kids enjoy moving between two homes, but for other kids it can be hard, because wherever they are, they miss the parent that isn't there. Some of the things that kids do if they find it tough to be away from their mum or dad are:
    • Keep photos - of mum at dad's house and a picture of dad at mum's house
    • Phone calls - ring the parent you aren't with to talk to them about your day, or to say goodnight
    • Keepsakes - take something special of mum's with you when you stay at dad's house, and something special of dad's when you stay at mum's house

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