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Shared Custody

What can help make shared custody work?

Some of the things that will help make shared custody work are not necessarily things that kids have much control over. Shared custody works best when:

  • parents can be friendly towards each other
  • arrangements are made with everyone's needs in mind
  • arrangements are the same each week but can also change if important things are on
  • parents live reasonably close to each other - this makes getting to school and activities much easier
  • parents don't discuss with kids any of the bad feelings they may have towards each other
  • each parent is involved in kid's activities such as school, sport and social life
  • parents share big decisions about their kids
  • kids feel like they 'belong' in both their parent's homes
  • kids stay part of two extended families (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc)
  • kids get to have fun time (like special outings) and also ordinary time (like helping around the house and doing every day stuff) with both their parents

Can you think of anything else that might make shared custody work well? Are there things on the list that you think might make shared custody easier for your family? Who would be the best person for you to talk those things through with? Would you feel comfortable showing them this hot topic and/or reading it together?

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