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Being Different

being differentEvery person on the planet is special and no two people are the same. Even if you are an identical twin and no one can tell you and your twin apart, there will be things about how you think and feel that are different from your brother or sister.

There are SO many ways that we are all different and special and it's not just about the way we look or the colour of our skin. For example, some kids:

  • love sport while others prefer to curl up with a book
  • like to talk a lot while others are really quiet
  • have different bodies - maybe they only have one hand, or can't see or need a wheelchair to help them get around
  • have illnesses that make them different from their friends
  • speak a different language and/or come from another country
  • have brains that work in different ways and can find learning at school really hard
  • go to a church, synagogue or mosque and think about god in different ways, or don't go to church at all
  • have different families. For example, some kids live with:
    • a mum and a dad
    • one parent
    • two mums or two dads
    • a carer
    • their grandparents

There are many, many ways that we are different and thank goodness for that!

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